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Peter Rossiter
A must see film for any bird lover or just about anyone who loves nature and colour. Truly wonder full.
Comment from : Peter Rossiter

Nature Belgium
nice!checkout my channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCpEXa6os4tbyFES_Xamx_mg
Comment from : Nature Belgium

Mohammad Almufdhi
Sehr schön und wunderbar
Comment from : Mohammad Almufdhi

Maryam Tolba
It's a tall vedeo
Comment from : Maryam Tolba

gree greae
Comment from : gree greae

Reema Kanekar
Wow hats off to nature creation amazing could not even imagine this type of birds do exist
Comment from : Reema Kanekar

Nature Belgium
I liked you're video,nice birds in Costa rica,Would you checkout my channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCpEXa6os4tbyFES_Xamx_mg
Comment from : Nature Belgium

Carmen Briones
Comment from : Carmen Briones

Reinaldo de Souza Reinaldo
Belíssimas e encantadoras espécies de aves a desfrutar do seu rico habitat natural!Quão rico em espécies vegetais e animais,deveria ser esse mundo que passou a se chamar Américas,antes dos europeus chegarem por aqui,com certeza foi um verdadeiro paraíso!👏👏👏👍
Comment from : Reinaldo de Souza Reinaldo

Al Booth
Did you go with a tour company or on your own, regards, Al, England
Comment from : Al Booth

Adriana Ticas
Q belleza d centro america pajaro ticos. Hay tanbien. Enesas montañas costarisenses. Gente bella c quecibi a los turistas con una. Sonriza. Y aprecio.
Comment from : Adriana Ticas

Jovy Baliguat
I love birds because they are very beautiful nature's ❤🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍❤❤👍👍👍
Comment from : Jovy Baliguat

참으로 색깔이 너무너무 아름답고 예쁘죠? 참으로 하나님께서 색깔이 귀가 막히게 창조 하셨네요 소리함며
Comment from : 이사라

Bird world
Subscribe channel help member 1k sUB GO <3
Comment from : Bird world

فاطمة عبدالله
الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله الله
Comment from : فاطمة عبدالله

George konstantinou - Cyprus Wildlife tours
Comment from : George konstantinou - Cyprus Wildlife tours

Nature & Wildlife Voorne Putten
wow Udo, zie dat deze film er al vanaf eind mei op staat, enorme mooie en bijzondere vogels.
Comment from : Nature & Wildlife Voorne Putten

Bullshit BLVD
Op naar 1 miljoen views!! 👍
Comment from : Bullshit BLVD

Dave Myers
Now that’s cool
Comment from : Dave Myers

Whitney Sands
I wish I lived on a wildlife reserve there!
Comment from : Whitney Sands

Paulino Benito
Beautiful bird's beautiful video 👍
Comment from : Paulino Benito

c.a. greene
Costa rica is for serious morning people only!
If you do not like to be woken up at or before sunrise ( 4amish) by the sound of millions of birds all singing a different tune and other animals shrieking than i dont recommend this as a vacation spot!
With so many birds remember comes many insects! Expect bugs! Expect noise even cancelation head phones won't cancel out!
Its my personal fav for travel and the people are amazingly polite and remind me of home!
I prefer to stay with a local family bed and breakfast, as i can hang with canadians and americans every day back home- plus this way you see the real nation, not the tourist trap approved tour, sanitized for your approval!
Thank you for this wonderful video! I havent been able to visit for a few years due to health, but i am calling my travel agent and booking something for February 2020!!

Comment from : c.a. greene

Tuan Pham
Thù sâu vậy à
Comment from : Tuan Pham

Lakshmi Tara
Comment from : Lakshmi Tara

Neponset River
There must be quite a few people who do all the nailing of ripe bananas.
Comment from : Neponset River

Rajesh Kumar
A very good clip. Please use yellow color in font instead of red, then more visible. Thanks for good, knowledgeable video.
Comment from : Rajesh Kumar

Aventure Nature / Serge Tonietto-Giguère
I love this video, thanks for Sharing that Beauty. Costa Rica it's amazing. Birds are Everywhere. I subscribe to your channel. 👍
Comment from : Aventure Nature / Serge Tonietto-Giguère

Bird world
youtu.be/3yjPOLP38zo Like Koment Subscribe channel help 1k new Video
Comment from : Bird world

عبدلله ابو سعاد
شئ جميل جدا تسلم الايادي
Comment from : عبدلله ابو سعاد

Izabela Estrada
Obras del señor Jesucristo saludos
Comment from : Izabela Estrada

Such a beautiful video.Thank you
Comment from : georgcorfu

Venus Lopez
Comment from : Venus Lopez

다양한 새들의 아름다움ᆢ 코스타리카 가보고싶네요
Comment from : sim선수

I heard we shouldn't feed bread to birds; it gets moldy in their system and it could kill them. Not sure if it's because of slow digestion or... some other reason. I no longer feed bread to my backyard birds.
Comment from : frenchpoodle

Julieta Baeza
K lindo es el canto de esas aves
Comment from : Julieta Baeza

grace Castillo Arroyo
Hermosa mi tierra y su naturaleza
Comment from : grace Castillo Arroyo

Jim Rodgers
Absolutely fabulous. Thanks so very much for taking the time to film, edit, and post this adventure.
Comment from : Jim Rodgers

George konstantinou - Cyprus Wildlife tours
lovely. Subscribe your channel. If you like mine subscribe too. Regards from Cyprus
Comment from : George konstantinou - Cyprus Wildlife tours

Madhubanti Mukherjee
Nice video 💓💓💓
Comment from : Madhubanti Mukherjee

na caatinga e na roça . NCNR
Lindas aves super like
Comment from : na caatinga e na roça . NCNR

Sara Garro
Bella mi Costa Rica pura vida 🙏🏾🤩🤗💚🤲😊
Comment from : Sara Garro

Chào mào hót - Birds chirping
Comment from : Chào mào hót - Birds chirping

Taufique Anwer
Allah Subhanahu Taala is best creater

Comment from : Taufique Anwer

Alex Brackx Nature
Great video. Lots of greets
Comment from : Alex Brackx Nature

jsanchez sanchez
No pavas negras ni jilgueros...no loritas copete amarillo...no zopilote rey
Comment from : jsanchez sanchez

Leelo Tõnno
palju iludusi lindude näol!
Comment from : Leelo Tõnno

Romildo Jose Coelho
Quase todos esses pássaros são vistos aqui no Brasil. Principalmente esses primeiros que aparecem no vídeo.
Comment from : Romildo Jose Coelho

Xinia Zulueta
GodBless beautiful Costa Rica .

Comment from : Xinia Zulueta

Where is this bird sanctuary?
Comment from : wangbowtie1

Angelina Maria
Lindíssimo 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟sublime 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟maravilhosa🌟🌟🌟🌟 obrigada🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 por partilhar🦜🌞🕊 saudades 🇵🇹
Comment from : Angelina Maria

ป้างคอม ภูสิงห์
Comment from : ป้างคอม ภูสิงห์

Joanne Does
An absolutely beautiful video! Thank you for making this 
- can't wait to go to Costa Rica and see some of these gorgeous birds.

Comment from : Joanne Does

Marcos Braga
Muito lindo como é bom viver com a natureza com os cantos dos pássaros
Comment from : Marcos Braga

Amazing beautifully sooo nice..........wawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
pls watch and subscribe www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXGoO8qQ_2E

Comment from : NATURAL C

Tomić Tomić
Parabéns um dos melhores no gênero!
Comment from : Tomić Tomić

Beautiful birds. Great photography and THANK YOU for identifying the birds at bottom. This is a great help for new birders...and new photographers of birds like myself. :)
Comment from : shellyslioneyes

oscar campos
Comment from : oscar campos

Nice photograph
Comment from : LEUWANCE MARAK

Hallo good morning friend i liked very beutiful
Comment from : Nyaman CHANNEL

Daniel Brockner
0:29 what is the name of the feeder ?
Comment from : Daniel Brockner

ا ١
سبحان الله العظيم
Comment from : ا ١

Enoc Lopezz
Excelente i'm from panamá
Comment from : Enoc Lopezz

Rosalba Sosa
Lo malo del qzal q es bello y no canta bonito
Comment from : Rosalba Sosa

Rosalba Sosa
Belleza de aves Saludos d seattle 🇺🇸
Comment from : Rosalba Sosa

Solimar Cordeiro
Aí que é bonito solto 👏👏👏👏👏
Comment from : Solimar Cordeiro

Bird Adventure
nice adventure
Comment from : Bird Adventure

Ahmad S Balouch
I am a bird lover . Love to see the Gods lovely and beautiful creation .
Great job filming.

Comment from : Ahmad S Balouch

Ellie DePrima
Thank you so much for the upload! I have been to Costa Rica many times and have always wanted to do a video like this. Great job! Very enjoyable!
Comment from : Ellie DePrima

Chim hay TV
chim màu sắc rất đẹp
Comment from : Chim hay TV

Emma Fonda
Many colorful and beautiful birds you will see in Costa Rica its nice to see them flying i like it.
Comment from : Emma Fonda

Ned DeLamatre
Exquisite filming and editing. Also, thanks for the captions and no music.
Comment from : Ned DeLamatre

Nail Karaaslan
mükemmel kuşlar
Comment from : Nail Karaaslan

Marcelo Viales
My friend beautiful like
Comment from : Marcelo Viales

Nagit Alwan
اجمل شي قناتكم روعه ومناظر تسعدالقلب
Comment from : Nagit Alwan

العرندس الحبسي
سبحان الله
Comment from : العرندس الحبسي

Gayathri Krishna
beautiful. nice idea to keep bananas to attract d birds.
Comment from : Gayathri Krishna

Susana Frank
Muito lindo esse vídeo,um dos mais bonitos que já vi, como eles gostam de banana.🐦🐥🍌😀
Comment from : Susana Frank

couch photography
Where did you go please?
Comment from : couch photography

couch photography
Wow..better than a bird book. Saw a white hawk when I was there a couple of weeks ago....too stunned to lift up the camera!!!
Comment from : couch photography

วิทยา กวาวสาย
Like birds sing a song
Comment from : วิทยา กวาวสาย

Vera Lúcia Da Costa
Very beautiful!
Comment from : Vera Lúcia Da Costa

Francisca Alves de Pinho
Muito lindo Deus e maravilhoso
Comment from : Francisca Alves de Pinho

Aruma Lokaya
Here you can see all the endemic birds of Sri Lanka.
මෙන්න මේකෙ ඉන්නවා ලිස්ට් එකම ලංකාවට ආවේනික පක්ෂියො.

Comment from : Aruma Lokaya

Alejandra Correa ramos
La naturaleza es tan hermosa toda su fauna
Comment from : Alejandra Correa ramos

Sudheesh Ks
Great amazing
Comment from : Sudheesh Ks

Abi Sofyan Saifudin
Can i buy or not the birds
Comment from : Abi Sofyan Saifudin

Dr. Detty Alappatt
A great effort
Comment from : Dr. Detty Alappatt

Make Time For Happy 101
What beautiful colors! I am amazed by the variety of colors. Thank you for sharing.
Comment from : Make Time For Happy 101

جورج سقر
Comment from : جورج سقر

Karl Gillies
Fantastic Thank-You
Comment from : Karl Gillies

Marcellejo Gaudinn
Thanks. :D
Comment from : Marcellejo Gaudinn

HD Village TV
birds 😱😮👌 and sound so great😍😍
Comment from : HD Village TV

erdal baba
Supper bişi kız şaziye
Comment from : erdal baba

Ad Ri
mantapbro salam kenal selaluya
Comment from : Ad Ri

mohammad waheed
Really beautiful birds thank you for uploading it one thing I noticed that all those birds eat bananas is it all day eat or they eat something else to
Comment from : mohammad waheed

Ten Shin
Awesome birds.. thier colour and shape are getting better and better every time and also very unpredictable design!
Comment from : Ten Shin

Rk S
44 morons disliked this amazing video
Comment from : Rk S

super video! Going to Costa Rica is on my "to-do" list.
Comment from : PaintedTurtle001


Moron Magnet
Excellent work done in those 5 weeks with some superb footage.
Loved seeing the hummingbirds at rest rather than the usual in-flight captures we see
Keep it up

Comment from : Moron Magnet

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