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Tommy Drozdowski
We need more of his comedy!
D.C. Benny is absolutely hilarious!

Comment from : Tommy Drozdowski

Yanique Beckford
Lol.😀 that's was pretty good. He did the British accent very well.
Comment from : Yanique Beckford

Barbara Young
He's hysterical🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Barbara Young

Man DC aged...good thing I don't.
Comment from : R

eeen dee yungle dere eezz no loow!
Comment from : dumaskhan

Cog Nado
Comment from : Cog Nado

I am especially impressed with the British pronunciation of “water.”

Really .. .. . .”Oo-agh” . . . . no “w” at the beginning and no “t” in the middle and no “r” at the end.

Comment from : pyubtinsl

Melvin Tindal
👎🏾 racism is wrong.
Comment from : Melvin Tindal

Neghie Thervil
Because his accents are so good, I can visually see the situations he explains.
Comment from : Neghie Thervil

Erin Plourde-Bragg
Sorry, but education is NOT why new yorkers understand each other. Theyre just all like minded. And thats NOT a compliment
Comment from : Erin Plourde-Bragg

Outstanding, truly hilarious delivery!
Comment from : KENTUCKYUSA1

His English accent reminds me of the Geico gecko. haha
Comment from : DeanCainLover

MDE Repository
I met him back stage, such a cool dude.
Comment from : MDE Repository

Red T
Some dude thinks disrespecting my husband and acting like his own johnson is the size of a crocodile... not impressive. Keep moving.
Comment from : Red T

Mari Campari
Lol I just got an ad for whiskey on this Drybar video
Comment from : Mari Campari

Jesus Loves
Comment from : Jesus Loves

Oh that's brilliant!!!!!
Comment from : DEL MAR

Davey St. James
Slide it through the slot just uher. Bahahaha
Comment from : Davey St. James

noneof yourbusiness
Perfect ❣ I wouldn't change anything ❣❣
Comment from : noneof yourbusiness

harvey weinstein
I'd slap a MF that asked me if I had a raft licence.
Comment from : harvey weinstein

GL Baker
very funny
Comment from : GL Baker

Micro USB
Those Germans are the offspring of escaped Nazis.

Someone on the JRE talks about it. Kinda fascinating.

Comment from : Micro USB

Jenny Gibbons
Comment from : Jenny Gibbons

Leslie Dugger
That English accent sounded like Stewart Lee.
Comment from : Leslie Dugger

Rant Therapist
This guy is reeeal goooood. Maaaan. I laughed out loud, but for real, not like lol.
Comment from : Rant Therapist

Rant Therapist
His accents and phrasing are perfect. Penny in the dust buster (makes penny in the dust buster noise extremely accurately to mimic shitty engine working shittily pretty accurately). This guy gooood.
Comment from : Rant Therapist

Rant Therapist
This guy is a brilliant comedian.
Comment from : Rant Therapist

David is Costa Rica
I speak German and live in Costa Rica. Nothing he said is real. Doubt he was ever here.
Comment from : David is Costa Rica

Rix Pix
Howler 🐵 with that 80's popped collar.😀
Comment from : Rix Pix

Allan Gildea
Comment from : Allan Gildea

In the jungle there is no law. Lol. Nope.
Comment from : muadhnate

E K Daufin
Artful ending. Very good writing.
Comment from : E K Daufin

Live Life Freely
DC Benny! I haven't seen him since he was on The Apollo years ago.
Comment from : Live Life Freely

Ay Ay
Full acts please
Comment from : Ay Ay

New york, no way. Bye bye
Comment from : JD

Terence Jay
You don't 'acclimate' English people, you 'acclimatise' us. With an 's'.
Comment from : Terence Jay

BossHoggJDK K
You people calling that cringey are tripping me out that wasn't at all. okay if you don't like his comedy fine. Which I thought it was funny his impressions were great and it was short and he got in 3 of them and spent enough time on each so you can tell he could do them. Im really curious what kind and/or type of people you 3 are. I'm not saying he great or have to like him but cringe worthy no.
Comment from : BossHoggJDK K

David Thomas
Drybar is funny! This guy is funny. But obviously the haters will cry about everything.
Comment from : David Thomas

puro rok
This dude been a problem since he was young I'm surprised he never blew up like that
Comment from : puro rok

Bobbi Sue
Yikes! Cringey to watch. I cant even finish the whole video.
Comment from : Bobbi Sue

Phil Mullinax
He was great on showtime at the Apollo years ago!!!
Comment from : Phil Mullinax

Violet Joy
I love this channel. Nice delivery and imitations. 👌
Comment from : Violet Joy

pretty much the worst five mins of youtube for me
Comment from : grumpgut

Hey, whao, good.
Comment from : BoldCautionProductions

Okay boomer. You suck at standup go back to being a Prince Andrew impersonator
Comment from : CheckYourPerception

" de line - de line where da money at, just unh " 🤣 💯
Comment from : YellaSpiceFamily

John Hoskinson
Anyone that thumbs down the video... Just stop watching DryBar and move on or look at nothing!
Comment from : John Hoskinson

John Hoskinson
Where do my comments go when I enter an emoji? Weird.

Maybe this one will stay.

Comment from : John Hoskinson

Robert Boekee
Pig with a raging urinary tract infection and a working degree of economics XD
Comment from : Robert Boekee

John Hoskinson
Gr8 impressions! Clever
Comment from : John Hoskinson

thomas purdy
liked it
Comment from : thomas purdy

Sebastián Fallas
Whoo, Tiquicia!
Comment from : Sebastián Fallas

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