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Brandie P
Dirt roads do exist in America, fam! And they are not off in extremely remote areas! That statement was amusing.
Comment from : Brandie P

Cory Stokes
This was my FAVORITE of all your videos so far. Loved seeing you having a perfect day going with the flow of life.
Comment from : Cory Stokes

Melvyn Vandervoort
God bless you and keep you safe thanks for taken us to Costa Rica and El Salvador loves you from California
Comment from : Melvyn Vandervoort

Mathieu Tallard
Everywhere i ve traveled, and i did a few countries, i always find secluded beaches i can enjoy the way i like. Can t go back to textile anymore. Hope one day, it s gonna be the norm on world beaches...If El Salvador president still look at your videos, maybe.............!!
Comment from : Mathieu Tallard

Ooooooh that taco 😯😯😯
Comment from : chettaisbetta

Justin Time
we all would like to see the unedited version lol
Comment from : Justin Time

Burt Reynolds Senior
Damn, I’d suck a fart out of her ass, and hold it I like a bong hit! 😋
Comment from : Burt Reynolds Senior

Robin Clark
The tacos sound amazing 😋
Comment from : Robin Clark

Felicia Watson
You guys need the tiniest instantpot! You can pressure cook your pork and beef etc in under an hr with very little power usage, no heat filling up the van AND it does a shiz ton more than just pressure cook 👍 you probably already know this but I'm js 😁
Comment from : Felicia Watson

Amelia B.
Love your video! But did anyone else see the hair in the taco? 🧐🤷🏻‍♀️😄
Comment from : Amelia B.

she looks like a men
Comment from : Moham

Stacy Klair-Symone
You look like a Bond Girl in that bikini and boots.
Comment from : Stacy Klair-Symone

yo im literally crying im so happy to see this level of freedom is real
Comment from : S†EPFΔM STUDiO

Zack Brown
Comment from : Zack Brown

Aww Trent & Allie would have loved that bread. I know you can't travel together all the time but it was awesome!
Comment from : kitcatsmom

wood man 5000
Sounds like the guy from idol
.. Alejandro check out his tracks. You guys are beautiful. Put some videos of the not so good stuff that happens to you too. lol seems a little too perfect:-)

Comment from : wood man 5000

Seastorm 1978
I am sitting here with my breakfast and BOOM, yoou cook up that DEE-licious meal! Good thing I was eating already. That was insane! [yep, I'm a Foodie!]
Comment from : Seastorm 1978

Silver Legion
I'm new around here, did you drive from the USA to Costa Rica?
Comment from : Silver Legion

Craig Mercer
Yall make me smile!
Comment from : Craig Mercer

Erin lea
So true.. easy does it..
Comment from : Erin lea

You weren't on the Denali Hwy when in Alaska. It is a dirt HIGHWAY and is not as good as the lower 48 dirt roads either. You probably don't count Alaska as it does stand alone and apart. It is canning season here. Watching you make strawberry jam....Just put up 4 gallons of raspberry jelly (added champagne to it) picked from my berry patch. Oh so great a recipe. Got to go picking this weekend see if I can find some wild blueberries not picked out am running a bit late on getting them. Have black currants on the vine to pick (in my yard) if I find no blueberries left. Love your adventure. Thanks for sharing.
Comment from : StarFlower99654

Alleyne Grey
Have you had any trouble with your personal safety during your travels?
Comment from : Alleyne Grey

Oscar Melgar
Costa Rica so overrated, too expensive because too many greengos, and for your info there is no such athing as organic food in all Central America unless you go to a grocery chain like in the US. That's Why the majority of people get their food at the local markets.
Sea food, meat, veggies, fruit and nuts all natural
In the US. if you eat natural it's called organic, fancy word for marketing unaltered food.

Comment from : Oscar Melgar

Stephen LaFleur
You guys are kind of shitty people. You steal the name of a small American business and then sick your fans on them with bad reviews. You both are thieves. The whole "hippie/peace and love" vibes you guys pretend to have is a total sham
Comment from : Stephen LaFleur

At around the 3 min mark.. the background sounds are exactly like you are in a wagon, like an old style Romani vardo, or a wagon the pioneers used to travel to the west.
Comment from : wunjothurisaz

Human Being
She looks like a man
Comment from : Human Being

Funky Monkey
Comment from : Funky Monkey

Marie T Gonzalez
I love you guys! You are just so natural and genuine! No BS... the real deal. I love how you can be in the moment and take the time to do things well. Your appreciation for life is awesome. I thoroughly enjoy watching your channel and look forward to each new video. Luvs.
Comment from : Marie T Gonzalez

Jim Derksen
I dirt biked for many years...that little stream wouldn’t even have slowed me down. That bike caneasily do something like that. Learn to ride that bike it will take you to great places.
Comment from : Jim Derksen

Gloria Espinoza
Yeah, Costa Rica is just expensive, food wise. It's a tropical rainforest so it's really hard to grow food. Organic food will only be cheap in countries with cold climates to grow food, like Guatemala. Dragon fruit is cheap in Nicaragua, the biggest producer in the area. Just FYI.
Comment from : Gloria Espinoza

Seriously this video really inspired me to travel more... thank you for sharing your experiences.
Comment from : Melia

Gaetan Giroux
Sad you have to take 1/2 nude pics and/or add sad title to get the attention of your viewers... very sad indeed ☹
Comment from : Gaetan Giroux

romeo serban
Go to Farmers market next time. Forget about stores. Prices are made for gringos
Comment from : romeo serban

Stephen Stringer
At 14:47 was that a dog hair on the brie, Lol???
Comment from : Stephen Stringer

daisy diaz
Comment from : daisy diaz

Fernando Aquirre
Tacos!!! Best food on the world!
Comment from : Fernando Aquirre

Comment from : H.Kemal ALTIN

Ak Au
Dude, if you don't think there are bad roads in America you need to get off the freeway more often. What a stupid thing to say.🙄
Comment from : Ak Au

Tasmlm Bell
Sweet K!!!!!
You are A natural for skinny dipping....Have Fun👙

Comment from : Tasmlm Bell

Like the skinny dipping. More information on other locations you could skinny dip.
Comment from : YLTFN

Chillin with Dylan
Smh. They obviously didn't see the residential streets in Compton, CA that were on the news not too long ago that seriously looked like a war zone! A lot of people couldn't drive down their streets due to the ridiculous condition of them. 🤯
Comment from : Chillin with Dylan

Susan Durbin
Yeah if I had your body I would love skinny dipping too
Comment from : Susan Durbin

ColleenKaralee Peltomaa
Glad you had a better day than you even expected. Hey, have you heard about the Instant Pot pressure cooker? - great for braised meat.
Comment from : ColleenKaralee Peltomaa

Deanna Zimmerman
Guatemala??? I used to think about driving my THOW down to Costa Rica, but then Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras are among the most dangerous countries in the world. How did you safely navigate thru them to get to paradise?
Comment from : Deanna Zimmerman

John Carlisle
Comment from : John Carlisle

When we visited it was a bit of a challenge because it Gad rain fir a couple of days! My friend don’t get fooled, must of CostaRican veggies ARE organic. So don’t pay pricy for veggies because they’re just doing it for turistas. Do don’t feel guilty for buying from the little markets and same goes meats. Just make sure you asked that it’s Not imported
Comment from : theprima01

I love you two. What a life! This is what makes an exceptional human being. Someone connecting to nature and humanity as a whole, at this level.. You can only achieve this through these amazing experiences. Much love
Comment from : Samadhi

The Camping Trucker
Hahaha Cheerleader!
Comment from : The Camping Trucker

Its expensive because you are at a tourist shop!!!

1st Option: ask for the farmers market, usually on weekends very cheap and you buy from local farmers
2nd option: go to local bigger supermarkets

Comment from : rodvarmo

Drive through Washington DC you will find America's best potholes and cheaper dragon fruit.
Comment from : harsha806

jana wich
Loving your dog and eatibg the flesh of other animales.... oh the ignorance! Unsubscribing!!
Comment from : jana wich

Animasi Photo
Comment from : Animasi Photo

Refuso Againo
Crazy. Like trolling fresh meat through shark infested waters. There will be trouble. Ace there, is going to be fighting or running one night. Un buen idea estaria aprender la lengua.
Comment from : Refuso Againo

Jose Arraut
Hello guys
Is pretty nice that you guys travel wit your dog
What requirements are need it to take the dog in the airplane cabin wit you guys ?

Comment from : Jose Arraut

sarah wolf
Love you guys now I'm hungry lol
Comment from : sarah wolf

cameo lopez
What an incredible day.... that beach. Mind blown...again 💛💚💙
Comment from : cameo lopez

You doin those fajitas right!! I made a similar dinner tonight, but with grilled, marinated flank steak...so jealous of that slow braised tri-tip!! Just for you baby!!!❤️
Comment from : THE POKE SHACK

8L0H8 ST47E
Mmmm this video is my favorite out of all 😍😍😍that was so HOT Nice Bunnz Kaylee😍😍😍Loved it💋💋💋More Videos like this Please Kaylee hehehe love you guys😘😘😘
Comment from : 8L0H8 ST47E

Blessed Farm
Thank you for telling us about Postmates and how easy it is. I am a disabled Veteran and can’t work a regular job. This is going to give me the flexibility I need to rest when I need to but still let me provide for my family. And send my girls to college, thank you and I love you guys
Comment from : Blessed Farm

“They” sound like idiots! Good job 👏
Comment from : 🌹SUPERnofriendo👀

John Kurc
It is silly that we have to wear clothes on ANY beach!
Comment from : John Kurc

Robert Clint
You are goofy.
Comment from : Robert Clint

Jose Lemus
Hi guys nice beach, too expensive “the dragon fruit “, wrong please to buy, next time go better streets market, I went to El Salvador, nice and also some roads are part of the adventure, enjoy and Carefufull
Comment from : Jose Lemus

Sonny Greenwich Jr
Ok, I'm starving now! Once again raining in Ireland! ☘️💪🏽👀👍🏽☘️
Comment from : Sonny Greenwich Jr

Mrs S
At 14:46. Dog hair on your cheese. Who ate that one? 😂
Comment from : Mrs S

Mark Leigh
Looks awesome but a long way from Perth in WA!
Comment from : Mark Leigh

Bibula.khatei Khatei
Hot.Nice.Alaska.Friend a..I'm.driving,in.odesa
Comment from : Bibula.khatei Khatei

Bibula.khatei Khatei
Hi nice friend.com.to.India
Comment from : Bibula.khatei Khatei

Rey Ortiz
"Road in America" ?? America is a Continent not a country.
Comment from : Rey Ortiz

Ryan Sues
"Move with life, not against it".. that was the most inspiring thing I have heard in a long time. This quote will for sure pop up in my head when the time comes. Thanks for the brain food!
Comment from : Ryan Sues

$8 for two Dragon Fruit 😳 I hope they tasted good 🙂 .......but the 🌮 looked sooooooo good. I think they made up for the Dragon Fruit robbers....
Comment from : AlabamaTree

mayimbe alva
Life without tortillas is sad
Comment from : mayimbe alva

Jim Templin
13:45. Breadgasm
Comment from : Jim Templin

Elly B.
Just want to let you know that you are changing my life. I see things in more positive ways I don't let things bothered me like they did before. I see you handling challenges with a smile you don't stress out over things and everything works out. I'm so grateful to you guys for being so wonderful and sharing your life with us. I absolutely love your videos. Thank you.
Comment from : Elly B.

Adan Alcala
congrats on reaching over 100k
Comment from : Adan Alcala

Kat Powell
Oh, Gezzz. I would never, ever leave that beach. I was raised on the west coast, Leo Carillo Beach. I have missed it for all my adult life. Never a day that I don't think about it. That is one beautiful place where you went about skinny dippin'. Now, I am hungry. Thank you for the precious vlog, for sharing almost everything... Happy Trails Love & Peace
Comment from : Kat Powell

Green sauce or salsa is also known as Salsa Verde. If you can find it down there, try some Trappey's Bull hot sauce-way better than Tabasco-not as hot with much more of a sour taste. One taste and I gave up Tabasco for good! I found it in a Piggley Wiggley store(yes, they DO exist!) I know they do sell it via mail order but I dunno if they do international sales. Can't hurt to try tho!
Comment from : proudinfidel

Liza Castrellon
“Real civilization” haha okay...
Comment from : Liza Castrellon

Come to MN to experience the dirt roads hehehe.
Comment from : 20juan21

Come to MN to experience the dirt roads hehehe.
Comment from : 20juan21

Great trips! How did you drive to Colombia with your van? Is there a road go through from Panama to Colombia?
Comment from : Sordoarizona

JimBeamand Airstreams
So every one of your viewers know that you two have entwined souls and I hope I'm not being too personal but ant marriage plans? So many hugs and kisses💕Deb Lawton
Comment from : JimBeamand Airstreams

Sandi W
You are avid foodies. Cheers!
Comment from : Sandi W

craig me
Easy to be stress free when your not doing a one hour commute in traffic, taking crap from the boss, struggling to pay the heating bill, bla bla. Dont ever stop what you are doing, keep being you, enjoy every second because those in the real world are slowly dieing. Your world looks much better! Remember not only how lucky you are but how clever you are creating a beautiful existence together.
Comment from : craig me

Nathan Lehigh
Dirt roads and 2 tracks exist in America come visit Michigan north of mackinac bridge
Comment from : Nathan Lehigh

Sheryl Gunapati
I love that Kaylee is doing more of the videos! Rock on girl!
Comment from : Sheryl Gunapati

Deb Dub
What a beautiful place... rain is what keeps it all GREEN!! 🏝
Comment from : Deb Dub

Stephanie Gillispie
So that whole spin in action to the local spot transition was sweet! Great editing
Comment from : Stephanie Gillispie

50%+of your content was about food- are you a food channel
Comment from : Dan

Who is the artist that plays song at 2 ;10?
Comment from : GoldGunsandGolf

Cliff P.
You two are so genuine in your personality's I'm always smiling while watching.
Comment from : Cliff P.

TooMany Distractions
I bet that cooking pot at 3:43 has lot of interesting stories to tell....I'd be interested in an On-the-road easy Nth/Sth American recipe book if you wrote one ...I'm sure you creative guys could write a beauty ...love your vids
Comment from : TooMany Distractions

Boringo PR
Sorry I was quite busy yesterday and I couldn't get to see the video until now but better late than never great views that little 🚁helicopter makes a huge difference the videos are more enjoyable good move on getting that little🚁 chopper🚁God bless enjoy that bread oh hell I'm making me a sandwich😋😋👋👋👋👋👋later gater

Comment from : Boringo PR

OMG that dinner!!!!!
Comment from : Sheila

Donna Keech
Beautiful footage! Do you ever have a problem with insect bites of ticks? My legs and arms are just covered now from doing yard work, don't know if it's chiggers, or poison ivy/oak/sumac, ugh! Those tacos look really good! Loved Kaylee's expression when she came back in the bus & smelled the bread!
Comment from : Donna Keech

Speeding in progress
@13:42 Kaylee What's going on off-camera? .......................lol :)
Comment from : Speeding in progress

Tom Austin
Yummy the bread looks great 👍 more cooking segments please 🥬🥦🥑🍆🍅🥝🍉🍌Always fun to seeing your videos ❤️😎👍 thanks for sharing and safe travels
Comment from : Tom Austin

My High Desert Garden
Dragon fruit is actually not very affordable in any country, I think is because it's very hard to grow.I love your videos, I got hooked after watching your little adventures in El Salvador. Be safe guys and keep uploading....
Comment from : My High Desert Garden

Jessica Thompson
Can you do a video on how y’all support yourself living in a van / what you do for money? I would really appreciate this and maybe other videos with tips and tricks (getting to places, at home responsibilities, safety, etc) on this lifestyle as I am planning to move forward with a van life.
Comment from : Jessica Thompson

Bruce Griego
Love yall, K it's all about you eating....lol
Comment from : Bruce Griego

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